"unrivalled on the Folk Scene"

'Louise has a fantastic voice' - I might be her Dad and biased, but I know a good voice when I hear it! Have a listen and see what I mean.

We can be found singing our traditional arrangements and original songs at Folk Clubs and Festivals. And we're recording our first album as a duo.

But don't take my word for it...

"Louise's vocals were sublime.

Such a special intimate gig and one I'm glad I got to see and book. I can't wait to see Louise perform again.

We will definitely be having them back in the future."

Corrie Shelley - Over Hulton Folk Club

"A charming and talented father and daughter duo.

Louise and Chris are a folk duo who performed an inviting mix of songs from the tradition together with their own original material. Keyboard and acoustic guitar blended most fluently with Louise's mezzo-soprano voice which is superb. It must be said, I believe it is unrivalled on the current folk scene. Ally that to Chris' intricate guitar work and soft tenor voicings and you have a delightful act. They are not to be missed."

John Owen - Hungry Horse Folk Club, Ellesmere Port

For more information about Louise - visit her own website - and my website is somewhere in the ether too!